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We are testing out a new look, if you experience any issues, please contact us on +230 212 5235
We are testing out a new look, if you experience any issues, please contact us on +230 212 5235


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Even though your vehicle is composed of durable components, it’s still susceptible to rust. There are many reasons that can cause this, including constant exposure to the elements and the electrochemical breakdown of iron-based metals. Needless to say, seeing rust on your car is a bad sign because it means that your car’s structural integrity is compromised. Although replacing rusty components with high-quality components is one solution to solve this problem, it’s not the most affordable. Depending on the automotive part or the severity of the rust damage, the cost of repairs can put a dent in your budget. Fortunately, with a reliable anti-rust system, you can prevent rust from damaging your vehicle. Check out the website and choose an anti-rust or electronic rust protection product that fits your driving lifestyle. is the best website to purchase all your automotive needs. We carry thousands of parts and accessories, all of which are made from reputable manufacturers and fit the specifications of most car brands. With our help, you can easily get parts and upgrades that complement your vehicle model. That’s why you won’t have any problem getting an anti-rust or electronic rust protection system for your car. Our options include anti-rust systems that connect to your vehicle’s battery to attract iron oxides. We also have sprays that add a layer of rust protection to your vehicle’s metal parts.

You can learn more about our anti-rust and electronic rust protection systems by giving us a call. delivers to any location on the island. We also have a pick-up option if you want to personally collect your orders. Free deliveries apply to pick-up orders and deliveries that are over Rs,2000.