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Your car has multiple lights that are essential for your comfort and safety. Interior lights let you see inside the cabin, just in case you’re looking for something at night or while in a dark area. Meanwhile, exterior lights serve multiple functions. Headlights illuminate the path ahead so you can navigate properly when you drive at night or during inclement weather. Signal lights let other drivers and pedestrians know where you’re going to make a turn. Brake lights, on the other hand, are there to indicate that you’re stopping so that other road users can make the correct decisions for their own safety.

This is why you need to always check your vehicle’s lights if they’re still in good condition. If they’re starting to go dim or get damaged due to road mishaps, you need to replace them as soon as possible. Fortunately, you can easily find durable and long-lasting lighting for your vehicle at We’re a new website but our brick and mortar shop has been providing Mauritian car owners high-quality auto parts and accessories for more than 40 years. For our lighting options, you can choose from both interior and exterior lights with different kinds of bulbs and lenses to suit your needs. We also have OE-style and aftermarket designs so you can maintain or customise your vehicle’s aesthetics.

For any questions about your purchase or any of our other products, you can get in touch with via phone call or email. We deliver to any location in Mauritius with waived delivery fees for purchases worth Rs2,000 and above. Our pick-up station is also located near Riche Terre Mall. Meanwhile, for the latest news about our offerings, you can also subscribe to our newsletter.

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