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Driving your vehicle around the island is an enjoyable experience. However, your enjoyment can be cut short if your car encounters issues. And one of the most common is a flat or faulty tire. Tires are designed to support the weight of your vehicle, as well as absorb road impacts and allow your vehicle to drive smoothly on the road. Without them, you can’t take your vehicle anywhere as your wheels are exposed and will have a difficult time turning. That’s why if you notice that your car’s tires need changing, browse through the website and select brand new tires that fit your driving lifestyle and budget.

You can always count on to provide you with the best and latest automotive products that fit your stock or modified car. We’re a well-established online retailer of automotive parts, dedicated to helping Mauritian car owners maintain and enhance their cars. That’s why we have a large selection of parts and accessories that complement most car brands. Our tires come in various configurations, so you can definitely find a set that suits your driving needs. They are available in different sizes, speed and load ratings, as well as compound constructions. They also boast various features that work in conjunction with vehicles used commercially or for daily commute. We also carry aftermarket options if you’re interested in modifying your vehicle’s performance and appearance.

Visit our contact page or give us a call to learn more about our products. You can also reach us to get information about our delivery and pick-up options. Orders that are worth more than Rs2,000 will be delivered free of charge. We deliver to any location on the island.

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